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Living life through changing perspectives

Each and every day

1 March 1990
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[L i k e s] Hugs. Kisses. Cuddling. Daydreaming. Making new interesting friends. Dancing. Music. Good conversation. Being happy. Cold cloudy rainy days. Feeling loved. Feeling appreciated. Sleeping. Darkness. Silence. Feeling content. Shades of blue. Drowning in good memories. Spring. Autumn. Cute things. etc. =)

[D i s l i k e s] Feeling guilty. Manipulation. Gangsta wannabes. People who define themselves by their race. Annoyance. Pure stupidity. Pressure. Being disappointed. Waiting on people. Being told who I am. People who read into things and get it all wrong. People who shove their religion on me. Crazy fanatics. Asiaphiles. Annoying kids. Mindless teenyboppers. People who judge you based on music tastes. Or people who just think they're better than you because they think they have great taste in music. Really, your band sucks so stfu.