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The day before Election Day 2016.

It's been awhile since I last posted. I've been too consumed with trying to keep my ahead afloat with school and work. I've got a month until (possible?) graduation. I added the word possible because...I'm not too sure if I'm going to pass the last two classes. I've put in the effort, but I'm not getting the results I want. It's frustrating. Yet no matter what happens, I definitely plan on not having to do anything with school next semester. It's upsetting to negotiate with myself what I would do if I did not graduate as planned. I'm in the middle of attempting to write a 25 page analysis on Atlas Shrugged. I'm not exactly sure it's going to reach that many pages.

Anywho, we are closing in on Election Day. Finally. This election year seems to be worse than the others, because the Republicans decided to nominate Donald Fucking Trump has their candidate. I've known my parents have been Republican for years. But they never outrightly expressed who they were voting for with yard signs until this year. And out of all the fucking people, it's fucking Donald Trump. He's the most unqualified person ever for the highest office in the land. Ugh! And to imagine having his clueless plastic Barbie doll as First Lady? It's such a disaster. And it's so sad to see that after witnessing the way he handles things during the debates and scandals, outright lying about things he said that could be easily proven through his tweets and soundbytes, that there are still people who feel strongly about him winning the presidency. I truly hope Hillary wins tomorrow. So I can say that those pathetic people who kept putting those ugly Trump yard signs in random places are hopeless.

Despite all the ugliness of this year's election season, the only highlight was that I was lucky enough to see Barack Obama when he randomly decided to visit UNF. It was like having a nice ending to my college years to see the President who was in office during those times.

Let's hope that we don't elect a second coming of Hitler tomorrow.

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