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End of Spring 2016 term

I'm down to my last two semesters. I will be taking Marketing Strategy for Summer A on Tuesdays and Thursday, then Strategic Sourcing for Summer B that meets on Saturdays. Then during fall, I will be taking Modeling/Management Operations on Mondays and Wednesdays and hopefully Advanced Strategic Management online. It will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders once I graduate, I've been waiting for this nearly two years now.

As far as future trips go, I will be going to another Beyonce concert on Friday. I should feel more excited than I am right now. I've been working straight 5 day work weeks for over a month now and I'm just exhausted from it. I also won a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...but there's been some trouble actually planning it because I'm supposed to use it before June 1st. The only good time I could go is during Memorial Day weekend, but apparently it's biker week so it was hard for the travel agent to find a hotel for me to stay at. I wanted to take a trip to San Francisco for a week after graduation, but my boss started bitching at me for taking too much leave before it's even half the year.

I'm on a three week break before I start summer term. I don't really have much to work on, except on my health again. It's hard getting out of that rut again after coming back from Italy. I still don't feel energized like I should be when I'm doing my workouts. Meh. Hopefully some kind of motivation will get me started again.

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