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I thought it would be difficult for me to genuinely love someone again after leaving my last relationship. I thought if I did fall hard for someone again, it would be an unrequited love. Something that happened a lot when I was dating before that last relationship. But I was wrong. Even though our situation isn't perfect at the moment, I can safely say that I truly love Tim. He has professed many times before that he loves me too, and that I would always be special to him. He's proved to me that there is another person out there that I can connect with. He may not be the most suave and smooth guy in the world. In fact, he is quite a dork and has many idiosyncrasies. Who knew I would fall for someone who is nearly 14 years older than me, and has a daughter. Ha! He was someone who wouldn't be on my radar, until he pursued me first. It was those blue eyes...and his dimpled smile that had me instantly attracted to him. Our carnal chemistry is just off the charts. We think about each other all the time, and have pretty much talked almost every day for a year now. He's been immersed into my daily routine. I would be truly sad if something happened to our relationship...

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