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To hell with it.

It's less than a month until this semester is over. This is one of the most difficult semesters I've had so far in the MBA program. I kind of regret scheduling these two classes together. I should have saved Advanced Financial Management for the last semester, so I wouldn't have to worry about possibly failing it and then paying next semester's tuition. Because the study abroad Italy next semester trip has been set in stone, I need to pay for that as well. Ugh! So far, I have two quizzes, three exams, one homework assignment, and two projects left until I am finally done. Why do these professors feel the need to pile on a project along with these exams/quizzes/homework?! This shit is so annoying.

I noticed that over a year of completing my MBA, I've reverted back to the same person I was when I was an undergraduate. Stressed, easily annoyed, short tempered, having extreme anxiety about not knowing what is going to happen next. There were times where I just wanted to quit. Some of the things I'm learning just bores me to tears. But it would be silly to quit now, when I've come so far. After this, there is only three semesters left. I scheduled my class next semester where they both meet for about 3-4, every few Saturdays. That means, my weeknights will be completely free for the first time in two years! So I'm definitely looking forward to that. 

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