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Closing of 2016

I am glad to say that I made it through graduation. I passed my capstone class with a B and my other class with a C. This time they labeled that GPA as in "good standing" rather than "academic probation". That would have been ridiculous since my overall GPA is still above 3.0 and I don't really need to re-take those classes I got a C in. Now I would have to wait until my degree posts next month.

I am currently in the middle of winter break. Although all I wanted to do was mostly stay home, I got bored of it quickly. Also, staying in my room too long gives me allergies apparently. It doesn't like me staying in too long either. The next thing I have to look forward to after my graduation is the San Francisco trip which is in 2 weeks. It seems so close, yet still so far away. I am only going for 4 days, and then spend the rest of the week at home. I hope it turns out well. Trips can be unpredictable sometimes.

My parents are offering to put 20% down on my own place, like a condo or house. That is very generous of them. I think they really wanted me to move out of the house. I think it is time for me to live on my own again too. I actually enjoyed living on my own, minus a leech.

I am feeling very "meh" on the upcoming year. This past year seemed to bring a lot of people down, including me. People keep dying. We are about to put a dumbass orangutang in office. A lot of people are out of my life. I don't know what the future will bring this time, but I hope nothing more tragic happens. 

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