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Closing of 2016

I am glad to say that I made it through graduation. I passed my capstone class with a B and my other class with a C. This time they labeled that GPA as in "good standing" rather than "academic probation". That would have been ridiculous since my overall GPA is still above 3.0 and I don't really need to re-take those classes I got a C in. Now I would have to wait until my degree posts next month.

I am currently in the middle of winter break. Although all I wanted to do was mostly stay home, I got bored of it quickly. Also, staying in my room too long gives me allergies apparently. It doesn't like me staying in too long either. The next thing I have to look forward to after my graduation is the San Francisco trip which is in 2 weeks. It seems so close, yet still so far away. I am only going for 4 days, and then spend the rest of the week at home. I hope it turns out well. Trips can be unpredictable sometimes.

My parents are offering to put 20% down on my own place, like a condo or house. That is very generous of them. I think they really wanted me to move out of the house. I think it is time for me to live on my own again too. I actually enjoyed living on my own, minus a leech.

I am feeling very "meh" on the upcoming year. This past year seemed to bring a lot of people down, including me. People keep dying. We are about to put a dumbass orangutang in office. A lot of people are out of my life. I don't know what the future will bring this time, but I hope nothing more tragic happens. 
Well, the impossible happened a few days ago. Someone with no political experience or tact has been elected into office. From what I've witnessed in 2012, I knew the country was going to be divided over this. But this went beyond getting upset that Hillary did not win, minorities and LGBTQIA+ people are in fear of their lives. They're being attacked and harassed, while anti-Trump protestors are out in the streets letting their voice be heard. These are some dark days going on right now.

I feel like this has happened because maybe people get tired of hearing about the same president and the dominant party for 8 years, so the other party makes a major push for them to be in the majority. Nonetheless, this has been a disappointing outcome. There's so much hate going on everywhere. And this only re-ignites the bubbling anger I've been dealing with all year. I'm not in the mood to be kum-ba-yah and try to come together with people who are part of a party that spews so much bigotry, ignorance, sexism, and racism.

The day before Election Day 2016.

It's been awhile since I last posted. I've been too consumed with trying to keep my ahead afloat with school and work. I've got a month until (possible?) graduation. I added the word possible because...I'm not too sure if I'm going to pass the last two classes. I've put in the effort, but I'm not getting the results I want. It's frustrating. Yet no matter what happens, I definitely plan on not having to do anything with school next semester. It's upsetting to negotiate with myself what I would do if I did not graduate as planned. I'm in the middle of attempting to write a 25 page analysis on Atlas Shrugged. I'm not exactly sure it's going to reach that many pages.

Anywho, we are closing in on Election Day. Finally. This election year seems to be worse than the others, because the Republicans decided to nominate Donald Fucking Trump has their candidate. I've known my parents have been Republican for years. But they never outrightly expressed who they were voting for with yard signs until this year. And out of all the fucking people, it's fucking Donald Trump. He's the most unqualified person ever for the highest office in the land. Ugh! And to imagine having his clueless plastic Barbie doll as First Lady? It's such a disaster. And it's so sad to see that after witnessing the way he handles things during the debates and scandals, outright lying about things he said that could be easily proven through his tweets and soundbytes, that there are still people who feel strongly about him winning the presidency. I truly hope Hillary wins tomorrow. So I can say that those pathetic people who kept putting those ugly Trump yard signs in random places are hopeless.

Despite all the ugliness of this year's election season, the only highlight was that I was lucky enough to see Barack Obama when he randomly decided to visit UNF. It was like having a nice ending to my college years to see the President who was in office during those times.

Let's hope that we don't elect a second coming of Hitler tomorrow.

Time to start up again.

I decided to deactivate my Facebook. It has been taking a toll on my mental health lately, and I feel silly admitting that. No one really pays attention to me on there anyways, and I've had people defriend me for no particular reason. That has bothered me and gotten under my skin. But I thought it was time to get rid of that thing, at least for awhile. I feel like it brings a lot of negativity. Now that it's election year, I have a feeling that things are going to get worse on there with everyone else's post. Especially now that Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner and some of them are his supporters. Ugh. Stupidity all around.

Summer term is starting on Wednesday. I'm not looking too forward to the Summer A class because I heard the professor wasn't very good. I just hope it goes by fast because I don't want to deal with that for too long.

I figured after a few weeks of failing to get back into the routine, that I restart my health and fitness routine again. I downloaded this fit body program from Muffin Top Less so it will give me new ideas of what to incorporate in my lifting routine. I don't have the time to work out 6 days a week, so I'm going to try to fit them within at least 4 days. I don't know what my weight is, and I don't want to know. I know that I've been feeling like a blob lately and extremely lethargic. I hope to get my endorphins pumping again and get in a better mood. I want to stop trying to let my internal anger and bitterness consume me everyday. I want to come out on top, for the first time, in a long time.

End of Spring 2016 term

I'm down to my last two semesters. I will be taking Marketing Strategy for Summer A on Tuesdays and Thursday, then Strategic Sourcing for Summer B that meets on Saturdays. Then during fall, I will be taking Modeling/Management Operations on Mondays and Wednesdays and hopefully Advanced Strategic Management online. It will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders once I graduate, I've been waiting for this nearly two years now.

As far as future trips go, I will be going to another Beyonce concert on Friday. I should feel more excited than I am right now. I've been working straight 5 day work weeks for over a month now and I'm just exhausted from it. I also won a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...but there's been some trouble actually planning it because I'm supposed to use it before June 1st. The only good time I could go is during Memorial Day weekend, but apparently it's biker week so it was hard for the travel agent to find a hotel for me to stay at. I wanted to take a trip to San Francisco for a week after graduation, but my boss started bitching at me for taking too much leave before it's even half the year.

I'm on a three week break before I start summer term. I don't really have much to work on, except on my health again. It's hard getting out of that rut again after coming back from Italy. I still don't feel energized like I should be when I'm doing my workouts. Meh. Hopefully some kind of motivation will get me started again.

2016 so far.

The beginning of the year started out calmly...until the end of February hit. My grandma died at the age of 93, and my dad wanted me to drive up to MA with my mom and aunt. It was over a 16 hour drive, and it was pure torture. I knew from previous experiences that traveling with them has never been a pleasant experience. A lot of family drama ensued from that trip. It was emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. And to top it off, I caught the flu because we were sleeping in rooms that had no central air. It got down to the 20's and 30' and we all slept on the floor. It was so miserable. By the time the Italy trip came by, I wasn't excited about going as I was a few months ago. Now, it felt like it was just another long ordeal I had to go through. I was still trying to recover from the flu when I got on the plane.

When I first got to Italy, I was pretty scared. I didn't know any Italian and I didn't know anyone that was going on this trip. I honestly wanted to go right back home, and be in the comfort of my bed again. Unfortunately, I still had the whole week to go through. In the end, I don't think the trip would have been that bad if I had went solo or with another friend. And if some of those street vendors weren't around to harass us. The rest of my story in Italy is in my previous post so I'll spare you all the details.

I have two more weeks of this semester left. This has been the most easygoing semester so far. I felt like I hardly did much. Which is a great break from the stressful previous semesters I have. After this, I SHOULD have two more semesters left...unless something completely screws that up. But I am anticipating graduating at the end of this year. I am planning to take two Summer A classes, finally get 2 months of summer vacation from school, and then take the last two classes in Fall. 

Spring Break 2016 - Italy

These are the journal entries I wrote about my Italy trip that was for my class. I just thought I post it on here for memories.
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End of 2015

Well, it's New Year's Eve. I think I'm staying in this time. I don't remember the last time I stayed in alone. I think this might be my first time. I don't really have any feelings toward the next year. It is just going to be a change in the number to me. I am going to start off the year with debt, and I don't care anymore. This time I will just take half of my paycheck towards bills instead of over half. I never got to enjoy the extra money I earned from my promotion for last year, and I think I deserve a little break. I'm just going to slowly pay off my credit card bills. No matter how fast I try it pay it all off, there is always some new expense I have to pay off. So screw that. The only few things I'm looking forward to is finally finishing my MBA and going to Italy. Then who knows what will happen next in my life. But I am glad this year is coming to a close. This year has been a year of nothing but a pain in the ass. 


I thought it would be difficult for me to genuinely love someone again after leaving my last relationship. I thought if I did fall hard for someone again, it would be an unrequited love. Something that happened a lot when I was dating before that last relationship. But I was wrong. Even though our situation isn't perfect at the moment, I can safely say that I truly love Tim. He has professed many times before that he loves me too, and that I would always be special to him. He's proved to me that there is another person out there that I can connect with. He may not be the most suave and smooth guy in the world. In fact, he is quite a dork and has many idiosyncrasies. Who knew I would fall for someone who is nearly 14 years older than me, and has a daughter. Ha! He was someone who wouldn't be on my radar, until he pursued me first. It was those blue eyes...and his dimpled smile that had me instantly attracted to him. Our carnal chemistry is just off the charts. We think about each other all the time, and have pretty much talked almost every day for a year now. He's been immersed into my daily routine. I would be truly sad if something happened to our relationship...

To hell with it.

It's less than a month until this semester is over. This is one of the most difficult semesters I've had so far in the MBA program. I kind of regret scheduling these two classes together. I should have saved Advanced Financial Management for the last semester, so I wouldn't have to worry about possibly failing it and then paying next semester's tuition. Because the study abroad Italy next semester trip has been set in stone, I need to pay for that as well. Ugh! So far, I have two quizzes, three exams, one homework assignment, and two projects left until I am finally done. Why do these professors feel the need to pile on a project along with these exams/quizzes/homework?! This shit is so annoying.

I noticed that over a year of completing my MBA, I've reverted back to the same person I was when I was an undergraduate. Stressed, easily annoyed, short tempered, having extreme anxiety about not knowing what is going to happen next. There were times where I just wanted to quit. Some of the things I'm learning just bores me to tears. But it would be silly to quit now, when I've come so far. After this, there is only three semesters left. I scheduled my class next semester where they both meet for about 3-4, every few Saturdays. That means, my weeknights will be completely free for the first time in two years! So I'm definitely looking forward to that.